Quality Screenprinting Since 1982

In our front office we display this framed shirt, our very first one, that was printed back in 1982. We have come a long way since that first shirt over 30 years ago! That shirt was printed on the kitchen table and then dried in the oven! I wouldn’t recommend it! We burned a lot of shirts during those early times! Now with a complete state-of-the-art printing facility, as well as a retail store, we keep that first shirt as a reminder of our humble beginnings and give thanks each day to every customer that we have had the privilege of knowing. We have truly been blessed by our customers and the powers that be!

With our many heat presses, flash units, automatic, manual and numbering presses, we have a complete printing facility with the experienced personnel to accomplish accurate and advanced screenprinting of superior quality. We are proud of our printing abilities and guarantee our workmanship! We have a great crew of wonderful folks who are willing and able to exceed your expectations when it comes to screenprinted garments! We are proud to be Graystone Graphics, Inc., and as our trademarked logo says:
You’ve Got To Be Putting Us On!