*These Neon Ink Colors are also available (not shown above): Neon Yellow, Neon Green, Neon Pink, Brite Orange and Brite Blue.

About Ink Colors

Your imprint price always includes the option of two ink colors. That means you get a two color design for the same price as a one color design. And, many of our stock designs contain third and fourth accent colors at no additional charge. Custom designs, however, will incur additional charges if more than two ink colors are used in your design. Please refer to our sample colors on this page when choosing ink colors and completing your order form.

Note: Colors shown here are as close as possible to actual ink colors, however every persons computer monitor can display colors differently. For instance, the Brown and Purple ink color swatches are totally wrong on my computer screen, but may appear correct on yours. It’s a computer thing we can’t control. So, keep in mind, the colors here are the best we can do online, but if you have a copy of our 2016 catalog look on page 13, those printed colors are pretty close to our ink colors.