You may mix different styles of shirts, such as tees, sweatshirts, hoodies, etc., to reach the minimum order of 24, but you must use only one design or design combination (same design on the front, back, sleeve, etc.).

Keep in mind, that the color of garments you choose may differ from one style to the next because of the dyes used by the different shirt manufacturers. For instance, shades of red may differ between a t-shirt and a sweatshirt, or between a fashion tee and a heavyweight tee.

Also, to maintain the integrity of each individual signature, we cannot print a Signature Design over pockets, seams, hems or zippers. We can print our other designs across these areas. Please be advised that slight variations in the print may occur when crossing such areas but these are not considered irregularities or misprints, simply part of the normal printing process to be expected.

IMPORTANT: Printing on Light-Toned Apparel is a completely different process than printing on Mid-Toned or Dark-Toned Apparel. For this reason, you must order either all Light-Toned, all Mid-Toned, or all Dark-Toned Apparel within your minimum order. If you want a greater variety of colors, you can combine Light-Tones, Mid-Tones and/or Dark-Tones in the same order – as long as you have a minimum of 24 of each.


  • Light-Toned Apparel Colors:
    White, Natural, Cream, Soft Cream, Sand, Tan, Heather Tan, Ash, Ice Grey, Light Pink, Pink, Azalea, Light Blue, Sky, Heather Blue, Baby Blue, Carolina Blue, Ocean Blue, Orchid, Mint, Pistachio, Safety Green, Coral, Cornsilk, Daisy, Honey, Yellow, Maize Yellow, Vegas Gold and Gold
  • Mid-Toned Apparel Colors:
    Silver, Sports Gray, Tangerine, Orange, Texas Orange, Burnt Orange, Safety Orange, Safety Pink, Heliconia, Heather Raspberry, Red, Canvas Red, Red Acid Wash, Antique Cherry Red, Heather Cardinal, Kiwi, Lime, Irish Green, Antique Irish Green, Leaf Green, Jade Dome, Heather Green, Kelly, Heather Kelly, Olive, Aqua, Turquoise, Teal, Sapphire, Heather Sapphire, Stone Blue, Steel Blue, Iris, Indigo Blue, Heather Indigo, Metro Blue, Royal, True Royal, True Royal Acid Wash, Antique Royal, Heather Slate, Prairie Dust, Pebble Brown, Neon Green, Neon Orange, and Neon Pink
  • Dark-Toned Apparel Colors:
    Cardinal, Military Green, Olive, Army, Forest Green, Galapagos Blue, Blue Dusk, Deep Teal, Navy, Purple, Team Purple, Heather Brown, Chestnut,  Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Rusty Bronze, Asphalt, Dark Gray, Gray Acid Wash, Deep Heather, Dark Heather, Dark Graphite, Charcoal and Black

*Not all colors are available in all shirts styles

Prices/Offers are necessarily subject to change without notice, but we will try to post any such changes on our website 30 days prior to their affected date.

Free Screen Set-Up

Great news! There are no hidden art or screen set-up charges. When you order the required minimum of 24, all screen set-up charges are included in the price of the shirt as listed in the apparel section.

Free Custom Artwork

Modify one of our stock designs, or design your own class shirts at no extra charge if you order at least 36 shirts of the same design/design combination of front, back, sleeve, etc.

Free Shipping for Senior Class Orders

When you send in full payment with your orders by school check or money order you receive FREE SHIPPING! We ship FedEx or UPS, so we know where your shipment is, and when it is due to arrive!

Delivery Information

We are proud of our quality workmanship. Our artists carefully place each signature within your design, then each signature is hand-traced for clarity, uniformity, and exact reproduction. We take great care in each senior shirt. That’s why your order takes 10 working days to process after we receive your completed order in our office. (A completed order consists of an order form that is not missing any pertinent information, receipt of all students signatures or typeset names, payment information, and any art approval that is necessary). We cannot begin your order until we receive all of the above. We appreciate you giving us the time to not just produce a shirt, but to produce a great shirt. Our quality is in the details! We invite you to join the many schools across the nation that have turned to Graystone Graphics for more than thirty years for all their printed garments. To you, we say, “Thank you, and Congratulation to the Graduating Class!“.