Apparel FAQ

Do all garments come in all colors?

No. We carry a large variety of garments from various manufacturers. Each manufacturer individually decides which colors they will make available. So, you may not find the color you are looking for in every garment. In fact, the same color, for instance, red, may be available in all of the garments that you are ordering, but, keep in mind, the shades of red may differ as each garment manufacturer often has there own unique shade of red. Thus, getting an exact match of colors from garment style-to-garment style may not be possible.

Do your garments need special care?

Generally speaking, our garments do not need any special care. We have found that our screenprinting is very hardy and durable, and have heard glowing reports of our printing being vibrant for years and years, without any special treatment whatsoever. As for the garments themselves, each garment manufacturer places a tag with care instructions on the inside of the garment. Please refer to this tag for exact instructions pertaining to your purchased garment. Following the manufacturer’s recommendations for care will result in optimal performance of your garment.

Do your garments shrink?

Each garment style that we sell here at Graystone Graphics has been tested for shrinkage prior to being deemed acceptable to our high standard of sales. So, you can expect a minimal amount of shrinkage when any garment you purchase from us has been washed and dried per the manufacturer’s care instructions. That said, any garment washed and/or dried at high temperatures may shrink an unacceptable amount. Our garments will perform well and with minimal shrinkage as long as you adhere to, and follow closely, the manufacturer’s care instructions.

Why do you sometimes suggest larger sizes in some styles?

Because we use different manufacturers in order to be able to offer you a wide selection of garments, we have found that each manufacturer has their own individual way of sizing their particular garments. When we suggest you select a larger size in a particular garment, it is because we have found, through experience, that the garment is cut smaller than we deem is normal. The garment is in no way inferior, it may be just the difference in a manufacturer making their clothing particularly for juniors and not for the unisex market. Our suggestion is our attempt at making sure you order the size that is right for you. We want you to be happy with each item you receive. So, please consider our recommendations for sizing when placing your order.

Can I get this cheaper elsewhere?

Yes and no. If you are asking if you can purchase a cheaper senior shirt, the answer is probably ‘yes’, because there are a lot of inferior products out there and you will find a cheaper price to go along with the lack of quality or originality. If you are asking if you can get these exact designs somewhere else, (just cheaper), the answer is ‘no’. All of the designs you see in our catalog, or on our website, are original designs by Graystone Graphics, Inc. and are protected by copyright law. What that means, is that no other person or company can print any of our designs without being subject to copyright infringement laws, fines, and penalties. Please know that we appreciate your business, and your support of the wonderful artists that work so hard to design great senior shirts for you!