Adaptable Designs


The size we print our designs is determined by several factors.  Today’s predominant fashion style, and the size that makes the design look it’s best.  Our goal is always to give you the best designed, best looking senior shirt!

Our Signature and Attitude Designs are all Full Size Designs, they are between 10” – 15” across.

Most of our Adaptable Designs look their best as Mid Size (8” – 11” across) or Small Size Designs ( 3” – 7” across).  All Adaptable Designs begin with the letter “X”.  Always include the “X” when ordering any Adaptable design.  On some Adaptable Designs it may be necessary for our artist to adjust the proportions of some design elements for optimum readability and crispness.

When you choose the Print Location for the design of your choice, that, along with your Design ID letters tells us what size design to print. From the graphic below, choose ‘Blue Locations’ and a design that begins with the letter “X” to order a Mid Size Design.  Choose ‘Gray Locations’ and a design that begins with the letter “X” to order a Small Size Design.  We automatically adjust the print size to best suit the print location!  Our customer service representatives are always happy to answer any questions.

Adaptable Prints